Maria Boustead Portfolio

Here are some examples of my work.

Style Meets Function

Po Campo shows my love of combining functionality with style, which is one of my favorite aspects of soft goods product design.

Design Theme Boards

I rely on design theme boards to help establish the tone of a design project by incorporating trends and materials.

Sketching & Rendering

My Sharpie is my favorite design tool, and I use sketching to develop ideas before developing prototypes and rendering. Photorealistic renders help me and my clients see the concepts before they’re made.

Design Strategy

I strongly believe that all products need to be grounded in a solid design strategy to plan how it will meet the business objectives. Below are some examples of design strategy visualizations that I have done.

Material Sourcing & Tech Packs

I love researching new materials and trims and developing relationships with suppliers. All this knowledge comes into play when building tech packs; I take pride in my very detailed tech packs that make getting to a functional sample with manufacturers more quickly.

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