Hi! I’m Maria Boustead, an entrepreneur and soft goods industrial designer. Designing Something started as a blog about building my own brand Po Campo, and is now the place where I connect with other entrepreneurs and help them bring their product ideas to life.

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How I Can Help You

Do you have an idea for a sewn product and need help bringing it to life? I built my own successful line of bags and I now help others design and launch their own projects. Tap into my industrial design and entrepreneurial expertise and let’s get your product made!

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My Work

I still design all of Po Campo‘s bags, the business I founded in 2009. I’m very keen on uniting functionality with style.

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Designing Something Blog

Starting your own business is a wild ride! Designing Something started as a way to share my story of creating my own bag brand. The journey continues, and I invite you to follow along.

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About Me

In 2008, I was working as an industrial designer / design researcher / brand strategist for an international design agency. After years of giving my ideas to my clients to pursue, I came across one that I wanted to keep for myself: the world needed versatile bags for people, like me, who live their life by bike. Po Campo launched the summer of 2009 and I haven’t looked back since.

I started the Designing Something blog because starting and growing my own brand has been an amazing, transformational journey worth sharing. I hope it is both informational and inspiring enough to encourage others to go out on their own – and succeed at doing it.

In fact helping others bring their product ideas to life is my passion project, and I devote about 20% of my time to precisely this. If you have an idea for a product that you believe just must exist in the world, tap into me wide breadth of experiences and contact me to see how we can potentially work together.

Maria Boustead